I bring a feminine, holistic approach to the, sometimes, masculine financial environment by creating a space of financial wellness and wholeness.

During my career in the financial industry, I recognized it being a very masculine, action-oriented profession, and the feminine, heart-centered approach was missing.

With my direct experience being in the financial industry, along with my own journey in healing my relationship with money, I wrote my first book ‘Make Money Your Partner: Your 30-Day Guide To Financial Wellness and Healing’ in 2019.

I intertwine my business interests with a passion for philanthropy. I studied holistic healing with Healing in America in Ojai, CA, coached hundreds of students participating in leadership trainings, raised thousands of dollars for charitable organizations, and studied Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Social Change with University for Peace in Costa Rica.

I traveled to India to volunteer at the Mother Teresa House, served at orphanages in Tijuana, Mexico and underserved areas in Costa Rica, and am founder of Wellth Living; an organization designed to create leaders through healing and learning new ways of conscious living.

In 2020 ‘Make Money Your Partner: Your 30-Day Guide To Financial Wellness and Healing' was translated in the Persian language and published in Iran. Today, the book series is being translated in the Spanish language and our work and teachings have reached the country of Costa Rica.

Money touches every aspect of your life, so when you begin to heal your relationship with money other areas of your life transform as well. Money will not fix all your problems. Money will fix your money problems. You need to focus on your mental, physical and spiritual health too.

May you find true inner peace, happiness & freedom.

In Gratitude,