RISE Program

This 13-Week Online Program is designed to focus on your wellness & wellbeing, and is customized to YOU!

When you make your wellbeing a priority, you make choices that are aligned with your authentic self. This online course is designed to support you in RISING in all aspects of your life.

Areas of focus:

+ Faith/Spirituality

+ Mindset/Personal Development

+ Family/Relationships

+ Health/Fitness

+ Business/Career

+ Community/Contribution

+ Money/Finances


  • You wake up to start your day, and the stress and anxiety of life is already present.

  • You're in a career that doesn't fulfill you.

  • You're unhappy and unclear in the direction of your life.

  • You experience levels of stress and worry.

  • Your mind has a consist loop of negative self-talk.

  • You have little to no time for yourself because you’re focused on everyone else’s needs.

  • You're unhappy with your health and can’t find the motivation or inspiration to change.

  • You feel disconnected from your relationships.

  • You’re stressed and worried about money and finances.

  • Your life feels uninspired and you’re seeking a connection with something bigger than you.


  • You wake up to start your day feeling light and energized.

  • You're in a career that totally fulfills you and is aligned with your vision and purpose for life.

  • You're happy, confident, and clear on your vision for life.

  • You have the tools to manage levels of stress and worry, when and if they arise.

  • You have a healthy mindset and can express your feelings with authenticity.

  • You have time for yourself and your needs, as well as the capacity to care for others.

  • You're happy with your health and feel confident and comfortable in your body.

  • Your relationships are connected and loving.

  • You're empowered and inspired with money and your finances.

  • Your life feels inspired and you’re connected to your heart space, and inner peace.




“Working with Beth, I was able to connect with my vision and future with such clarity that I was able to see real tangible results in the areas of my life that were most important.”

- Michael

“This program allowed me the environment to really look at the blind spots in my life and redirect my focus from all business to enhancing my relationships, health and have a great sense of inner peace and calm.”

- Rachel

“As a man, we’re taught to not express our feelings and emotions and in this course I got to really connect with my vision and my heart, and connect with myself in a whole new way.”

- James

Course Overview



Breakthrough limiting beliefs

Setting quarterly and monthly goals


Identifying your WHYs



Deep life changing distinctions, practices and daily rituals to enhance life

Get in touch with your desires and connect with what’s most important to you

Align with the energy of your vision

Resolve incompletes

LIVE video check-in’s

LIVE chat check-in’s

“I have spent many years focusing on other people that I neglected my own needs and desires. I felt angry and resentful. This course kept me on track to stay focused on the areas that I really wanted and needed to change.”

- Julie

“As a result of completing this course I was able to step into my courage, quit my job that was unfulfilling, and start my non-profit business. I’m now traveling and enjoying the pleasures of life.”

- Michelle

“Money and finances always left me feeling worried and stressed, and I had no energy or time to really be present with my family. I learned to focus on my mental, physical and spiritual health as well, and this transformed how I now relate to money.”

- Steve

This 13-Week Online Program is designed to focus on your wellness & wellbeing, and is customized to YOU! We will uncover, discover, and create breakthroughs together.

You can choose to pay in full or pay in payments. We offer a payment plan to support you as you move through the journey and process of aligning with your authentic self.

Let’s schedule a 1-on-1 call to answer any questions, share more about the program, and whether it is the best fit for you.