Make Money Your Partner


About The Planner Journal

It is designed to serve as your guide towards creating the life of your dreams. Many of you have completed the 'Make Money Your Partner' 30-day guides and are ready to take your journey to the next level, and this quarterly financial goal tracker, planner & journal will support you in achieving your next level of success. You will set your quarterly goals, then break those down into monthly goals to make them attainable.

Each month you will set your budget and goals, and in the daily pages to follow you will be guided through setting the tone for each day, so you stay aligned in what it is you truly want to create in your life. Your daily guide includes: a morning routine check list, set your intention, affirmation, and word for the day. Your gratitude list, to-do's list, expense tracker and daily schedule to pre-plan your day. Peace, freedom, and happiness is available to you. It can be your reality every day. If you want to grow and live your divine purpose this quarterly financial goal tracker, planner & journal is for you! I will give you the tools you need to design the life of your dreams.

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