Make Money Your Partner Program

Transform your relationship with money in an empowering and inspiring way, from the inside-out.

The Make Money Your Partner® 1-on-1 Online Course is a holistic approach to creating freedom and peace of mind in your relationship with money.

In this course, you will go from feeling fearful about money, as though there is never enough, to feeling empowered and inspired in your relationship with money, and experience confidence and clarity so that you can show up powerfully and abundantly in your life.


You’re a person looking to align your vision with your relationship to money, so you can show up powerfully and confidently in your life and business, and create inner peace and happiness.

You’re in the right place and I’m going to tell you exactly how the Make Money Your Partner® 1-on-1 online course will give you the tools, inspiration, and unparalleled support on your journey to creating a healthy relationship with money.


You wake up to start your day, and the stress and anxiety of life is already present.

You're in a career that doesn't fulfill you. You're unhappy, but don't feel secure or confident enough to make a change.

You experience fear every time you look at your bank account, so you avoid looking at it, at all.

You feel like you're just working to pay the bills, but you can't stop spending because it makes you feel good, temporarily.

You have little to no savings, and you're not nearly close to being able to retire, because you put everything and everyone else before you and your family.

You're unhappy with your health because you don't take time for yourself, and you carry the stress and worry about money.

You're in an unhealthy relationship, and don't feel empowered financially to leave.


You wake to start your day feeling light and energized.

You're in a career that pays abundantly, totally fulfills you, and is aligned with your vision and purpose for life.

You have faith in your finances, and trust that you are always taken care of.

You're conscious in your spending, and spend on things that are purposeful, and bring you joy and value.

You're empowered and inspired by money and your finances.

You increased your savings for retirement, and are leaving a legacy for your family.

You feel totally empowered and confident in your relationship with money.

This is not a pipe dream.

This kind of peace, freedom and happiness is available to you. It can be your reality every day.

"This program has taught me how I can attract money, how I can fix those limiting beliefs that I grew up with as a child, thinking I'm not deserving of money, and since I have done this program I've been able to reach all the goals that I set out. I would say this program is like Think and Grow Rich on steroids. It's like the actual application. Like what is holding me back deep inside from not getting to your goals. So, as a survivor of domestic abuse and now finally free, my mission is to help women, who are mother's, singles, anyone that has struggled in their life learn about money, because when you're financially independent you can get yourself out of any situation."

- Samantha G.

“This was the first program for me that I did in this framework, and I actually participated without great expectations. This program surpassed by far and was something I would never have imagined. Beth has such an amazing healing quality, and her wisdom truly has no limits. We did many exercises about money, and she explained her concept in every detail.

Beth did a wonderful job of reaching me where I was stuck and gave me the opportunity to say things that I hadn't allowed myself to say, nor to feel or to think, for a very long time.

The true magic began to happen just within a few weeks. My professional situation improved so much after this work I was able to hire someone to help me out and this has enriched my company ever since!

This program was life changing!”

- Wiebke

This 13-Week 1-on-1 Online Program is designed by the work and teachings of the ‘Make Money Your Partner®’ book series, and is customized to YOU! We will uncover, discover, and create breakthroughs together.

You can choose to pay in full or pay in payments. We offer a payment plan to support you as you move through the journey and process of aligning with your authentic self.

Let’s schedule a 1-on-1 call to answer any questions, share more about the programs I offer, and see which 1-on-1 program is the best fit for you.